Starting a New Project Is An Investment Of Time and Money. I get It!

  • How do I know if this course is challenging enough/not too challenging for me?

    This affordable course is designed for people with any level of LGD experience. The weekly live Zoom sessions and the Discussion function on every slide allow me to tailor the course to the specific needs of every student.

  • Will this course teach me to how to train LGDs on my own?

    Yes! Get results quickly using science-based training that dogs love and owners find easy to understand. I will help you become a skillful and confident trainer/manager of your LGDs.

  • Will I enjoy learning from this instructor?

    Yes! I am a friendly, thorough, well-organized, dedicated trainer and instructor. I believe anyone can learn what I have learned and I will show you how. References from training clients past and present are happily provided - just ask!

Rebate Options for Students of My Flagship Course

This course was created to help protect LGDs through education. To encourage participation, rebates are available to graduates who meet these criteria upon completion of this course.

  • $50 Rebate for graduates of the KPA Dog Trainer Foundations Course.

  • $50 Rebate for graduates who work or volunteer at rescues or shelters that support LGDs.

  • $50 Rebate to Graduates who foster LGDs or have adopted an LGD from a rescue or shelter.

Live Zoom Sessions Are Included In This Course

Zoom sessions will be held 1-4 times a month, depending on the needs of the students and graduates .Answering student's questions is of primary importance to me. Graduates of the course are welcome to continue to participate in the Zoom sessions for one full year after completing the course and are welcome to submit questions. These will be answered, as time allows, after the questions from current students are handled. Zoom sessions are recorded and uploaded to the Zoom 101 library. Graduates may become members. Access to all Zoom sessions will be available to members through an annual fee.

Zoom sessions will allow you to continue learning long after you graduate from this course.

Click here to email me if you have questions! 

Course Curriculum

The Thinkific platform considers every PDF and Video a Lesson. In order to have this important content follow each slide that it is related to, some of the Lessons only consist of one slide. The course lists 167 Lessons. That is a little misleading, in terms of figuring out how much time is required to complete the course. This course can easily be completed within the 3 months allowed.

  1. Welcome to the Course!

  2. Section 1: How to Get Started

  3. Section 2: How Dogs Learn

  4. Section 3: Training

About this course

  • $200.00
  • 168 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

The First Graduate of the Course!

I took the course to better understand LGDs in general, to learn methods to grow my relationship with my two Maremmas, and to improve my training skillset. Cindy makes her years of experience and expertise easy to understand and apply here at my family's home. There is so much information, both good and bad, out there and I really appreciate that Cindy's course has great info I trust organized all in one place. The live Zoom sessions are an amazing opportunity to ask questions and learn from real-world examples of situations others are facing through their sharing. Before taking the course, I got advice from Cindy through her blogs, videos, and Zoom training sessions. Her training methods have always resonated with me and have worked for us, our pups, and our livestock. I am excited to continue to apply what I have learned in the course and highly recommend it to others. Chris

Working closely with students in Zoom sessions and discussions make this course special.

"Cindy is an invaluable resource for navigating the world of LGDs - the course distills a huge amount of essential knowledge and practical training advice into a well-choreographed and clearly communicated sequence of lessons. This is a lifeline!" Jen